Required Documents to Verify the Identity of a Child

Verifying the identity of a child takes a little bit more organization and planning because they don’t normally have the same forms of ID as an adult. There are several reasons you might need to verify your child’s identity, including to enroll them in school and / or sports and to place them on your insurance policy. Luckily with a little bit of help from a vital records provider, you can be ready with the required documents to verify the identity of your child.

Verifying a child’s identity includes also having to verify their age, as the two often go hand in hand. Normally the following documents can be used to verify your child’s identity.

  • Certified copy of your child’s birth certificate. This is one of the easiest documents to get a hold of and probably one you have in a safe location right now. Many insurance companies will accept a certified copy, which can be obtained here. Many times this will need to accompany a photo id as well depending on your child’s age.
  • Your child’s passport. If your child has a passport it can come in handy for more than exciting family vacations! It is a preferred form of ID due to the photograph, and it can serve as the single document that is accepted as proof of identity.
  • Notification of birth. A hospital record or physician’s record will sometimes be accepted as a form of identity for your child when paired with other documents in this list.
  • School identification card. Most schools now required students to carry an official school identification. These can legally be used to prove your child’s identity, but you may be required to also show a birth certificate as well.
  • Official government identification card such as a child ID card. A child ID card contains the child’s fingerprint, photo, address, guardian information, and any important emergency information like allergies. This may be used as a single document proving your child’s identity.
  • Native American Tribal document can also be used as a single document proving identity.
  • Your child’s social security card can be used when paired with a birth certificate or government approved photo ID.
  • School transcripts or degrees can be used to prove identity when paired with another document like a birth certificate, social security card, or photo ID

Now that you know what documents you need to verify the identity of your child, you can start planning for future situations which will require these documents. If you need any help obtaining government endorsed vital records, contact VitalChek. As a leader in providing vital records, we can help you obtain the records you need quickly and safely.


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