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The Quickest Way to Obtain a Birth Certificate

Your child is about to register for kindergarten and you’ve just realized you don’t have a copy of his birth certificate, or your teenager is ready to apply for her learner’s permit and her birth certificate is nowhere to be found. If you need a copy of their certificate sooner rather than later, you have a few options. Surprisingly, the quickest way to obtain a birth certificate may not always be the most convenient.


Technically speaking, applying for and picking up a birth certificate in person is the fastest way to get your hands on a copy. But, there are plenty of drawbacks to going to your state or city’s office of vital records in person. First of all, your family might not even live in the same state your children were born in or might have moved away from the city where your children were born. In that case, traveling to the office in person isn’t always practical or a time-saver.

Even if your family has stayed in the same city or state where the kids were born, heading down to the office of vital statistics might not top your to-do list. When you have to balance the kids’ school and extracurricular schedules, your work schedule and everything else, going in person to pick up a birth certificate, even if it means the certificate will be in your hands in a few minutes, can be more of a hassle than it’s worth. There’s also no way to know what the lines will be like on the day you go. You could end up going on the same day everyone else does and have to wait in line for several hours.

Online is Convenient

Really, the most convenient way to get an official birth certificate is to order it online. As long as you have all the details you need, such as your child’s full name along with place and date of birth, the process of placing an order only takes about 10 minutes.

When you order online through an authorized service, the time it takes your order to process depends on the city or state of birth. For example, if your child was born in Austin, it typically takes about one to two business days for a request for a birth certificate to process. If you’re ordering a birth certificate from Seattle, the average processing time is about two or three business days.  Most agencies can typically process these requests within just a few days, although some may take a bit longer.

Shipping Options

Rather than waiting for the certificate to be sent by first class mail, you can choose express shipping (such as UPS Air) for an added fee if time is of the essence. Along with a faster delivery time, choosing express shipping offers a bit more security allowing you to track the progress of the certificate as it makes its way to your door. When the certificate is delivered, you’ll have to sign for it, which means you don’t have to worry that it was lost during shipment or that it ended up in the wrong hands.

If you don’t want to pay extra for express shipping, your certificate can be shipped using first class mail. While you might save a bit of money, regular mail shipping can up to 10 days longer until  you receive the certificate copy. It also does not provide as much security, tracking, or insurance as express shipping.



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  2. I ordered a birth certificate via the Indiana State Department of Health recently and chose the UPS Next Day air option precisely because I wanted the security of tracking. ISDH sent me an email that my order was fulfilled, along with a tracking number. I was shocked when UPS told me my birth certificate was never in their custody. I sign back onto my email to see two follow up emails where ISDH stated ‘it has come to our attention that your order was put in First Class mail (regular postal service) instead of UPS as you requested.’

    ISDH issued a refund for the UPS Next Day air fees, but I wanted a reason why. I now have no idea where my birth certificate is, or when it will arrive. Because this was for employment purposes (which I noted on the application), I am now in a holding pattern with several job offers that I would not have been in if my order had been sent UPS Next Day Air as I’d requested. That holding pattern translates into earnings lost.

    So for anyone reading, there is no guarantee that the safety and security of tracking that you pay for and request will actually be honored or followed through. Be prepared.

    1. Thank you for your comment in response to our recent post about obtaining certificates quickly and securely. We hope that you have received your certificate, and if your order was placed through VitalChek we definitely apologize for the inconvenience you experienced. Our goal is to ensure all our customers receive their certificates as requested in a secure and timely manner. If you have any further concerns or questions, please contact our Customer Support team toll-free at 800-255-2414.

    2. People make mistakes? Hmm, thanks for the heads up.

    3. I want to just come in on foot and pick up old birth certificate. How much would that cost me.m y name is Shelby Marie Clark back then. So how much would it cost me to walk in and get it. My mother’s maiden name. Donita Arlene Woodward. My father’s was William earl Clark, he is deceased

      1. Hello Shelby and thank you for your question.
        The in-person/counter service cost will depend on what state you were born in. You will have to go into the state office or county office within the area you were born. If you have the option, going in person is the least expensive and typically the fastest route.
        If you would like to know the cost for your specific location please let us know and where that is and we’ll be happy to look that information up for you.
        Nichole H.

        1. What’s the cost for Houston texas

          1. Hello Jennifer. Thank you for your question. If you order your birth certificate online through VitalChek.com, you can find agency pricing information at: https://www.vitalchek.com/vital-records/texas/texas-vital-statistics. Please be advised that, in addition to the agency pricing listed at the provided link, there will also be a processing fee from VitalChek and a shipping charge (should you choose expedited shipping during the ordering process.)

  3. Less than a full work week and my birth certificate came to my door. Thank you so much! This was so important for my new job. As a single mom it’s definitely the most important thing. Thank you.

    1. Hello Ashley! We are so happy that we were able to assist. Please let us know if we can help you in the future with any of your vital records ordering needs. Have a great weekend! Thank you for choosing VitalChek, Nichole H.

  4. Hey am trying to get housing and I need this birth certificate asap please hurry its been almost a month.

    1. Good morning Jerrica,
      If you still live in the state you were born you can usually go in person and pick up your birth certificate, I suggestion calling the vital records office before you go in person (just in case). However if going in person is not an option you can order your certified birth certificate through our site http://www.vitalchek.com or call our office at 1800-255-2414 we are the leading provider in the expedited ordering of certified documents from the state vital records offices.
      Hopefully this information will help you. We wish you the best of luck.
      Thank you,

  5. VitalChek is a complete joke…..incompetence at it’s fullest!!! Made my request, spoke to a snippy (Gina) employee submitted all docs received a request for more info………my DL which I had already provided on-line and via facsimile….really, they needed it a 3rd time, feels like a stall tactic. Low and behold a 2nd request just came for more documentation…..so why didn’t Gina inform me of this……….next will be blood and a urine sample……..my 1st born is an adult already so I doubt they want her. Worse experience EVER!!! Will never use VitalChek again……..Lexis Nexis company…..so I’m really not surprised by the lack of customer service.

    1. Hello L. Gassett,
      Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We would like to apologize for the negative experience you encountered while using our service. If you would please send us an email including your order number to Vitals.Research@vitalchek.com we’ll be more than happy to assist you.
      Again, our apologizes for the negative experience you encounter.
      Thank you.

  6. I think this site is a fake. My birth certificate came with NO time of birth; which I have NEVER seen before. My state has the time of birth! I’ve ordered birth certificates before and I’ve NEVER seen no time of birth! I think they have these forms and just fill in the info that I gave them!

    1. Good morning Sharon- Actually it is up to the state what is listed on your birth certificate. The certificates come from the state you were born in, not from VitalChek. Most times they only list the required information or what they feel is needed. I can say I have seen this before. I ordered my Birth certificate from the state of Michigan a while back and it came to me with no time of birth, which was fine because the certificate I had my entire life never had it listed. I ordered it again a couple of months ago (the same way as before- through VitalChek.com) and the time of birth was listed. I was actually excited to see my time of birth since I had never seen it listed on any of the birth certificates I’ve had in the past. To find out why they didn’t list the time of birth on this certificate you can contact the Vital Records office that issued it.
      If you would like for us to reach out to the state agency for you please send us an email including your order number to Vitals.Research@vitalchek.com .
      Thank you.

  7. I’m from Texas. And I placed my order over 2 weeks OK. And it’s apparently still processing. Which I don’t understand. And they said the delivery after its processed will be 6 to 8 weeks. I need my birth certificate to get my passport before December. But at this rate, I’m not gonna have it until December.

    1. Good morning Sharonda- If you ordered your certificate through the VitalChek.com service please send us a direct email including your order number to Vitals.Research@vitalchek.com we will be happy to assist you.
      Thank you,
      Nichole H.

  8. I need mine the next day is it possible if I pay for ups air which is 19 dollars I will get it Tues if I order it Monday??

    1. Hello Danielle and thank you for the question.
      Depending on the state that you born in will determine how fast they are able to process your order. Each state has a different processing time. Please call our office at your earliest convenience so that we can look at the state you were born in to determine if this will make it to you with in your time frame. You can reach us at 1-800-255-2414.
      Thank you,
      Nichole H.

  9. I have ordered a birth certificate three weeks ago and I was told it was going to get 7-10 bussniess day to arrive and still I haven’t receive yet.i have lost two of my appointments for my son passport .I have called many times but no one gives a solution.they just tell you : You should have not order regular mail cuz they can not truck bla bla bla.So why is an option to get ot by 10 days on regular mail amd which I paid 40$ .Is not that I got it for free.This is not fare .And they do not give you a solution just wait 30 days to process another one cuz propably is lost or you can order another one and use ups shipping .Reallyyyyy.You are making my plans .This is how it works.Let’s giv
    e some money to Vital check .I am traveling with in two weeks to Europe so now I have to pay more for the passport to get in on time .I should have never used vitalcheck but this was my option at discharge paper from hospital

    1. We apologize for any issues you may have experienced with your order. In order to better assist you, please email us directly at Vitals.Research@vitalchek.com and one of our research experts will look into your specific situation. Thank you.

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  11. Vitalchek is a scam. Ordered my certificate and it of course as many of these comments indicated didn’t show up in the time frame quoted. I even paid for the expedited shipping with UPS/Tracking. Called the customer service number and after waiting approximately 20 minutes on hold reached a representative who told me that it was so far only 5 days late and they could send an email request to verify the status of the order with the State’s Vital Records Bureau but it would take another 5 days to hear back from the state. They claimed there was nobody they could call, no faster way to verify, and no manager for me to speak to to try and get better service. I so far think this company is an online scammer.

    1. Hello and we would like to apologize for the experience you had while using our service. If you would send us a private/direct message including your order number to Vitals.Research@vitlachek.com we will be more than happy to look into this further and assist.
      Thank you,
      Nichole H.


    1. Hello Mohamed and thank you for your question.
      If you have placed an order through VitalChek please contact us at 1-800-255-2414 so that we can assist you with completing your order (if you have not already done so). If you are unable to provide proof of identity you may have to order directly through New York City via mail in request.
      Thank you,
      Nichole H.

  13. My son has been waiting for a birth certificate from vital ck . It has been 20 days. Very frustrating.

    1. Hello Sadie and thank you for reaching out to us. Can you please send us a private message including this order number to our direct email (Vitals.Research@vitalchek.com)? We will be more than happy to assist.
      Thank you,
      Nichole H.

  14. I have 2 questions:

    1. I am trying to get a passport for the the 1st time and I ordered my birth certificate and received it today. My question is when your system asks why I need the certificate, I chose “Self” instead of “Passport”. I know in order to get your passport, the birth certificate needs a “Raised Seal” which mine from state of ny does not have.

    So my question is: Can I stil use this to get my passport? Or do i need to order another and select “Passport” this time?

    2. My mom changed my name when i was 16, she passed away shortly there after. When she changed it she removed one of my middle names and changed my last name to her “MAIDEN” last name. I’ve been living with this name since I was 16, I’m 37 now. When going to get a passport I know that the name needs to be the same as what’s on my SS card, license, etc…but it is not. As my birth certificate still has my birth name on it, which has the additional middle name and my FATHERS last name.

    So my question is: Will I still be able to use this to get my passport? If not, how would I go about getting it?

    Thank You so much for such a wonderful service. I’ve never had ANY issues with Vital Check and have used it for myself and one of my daughters! God Bless YOU!

    1. Hello Chanda! 1st we would like to thank you for using our service and we appreciate your feedback.
      If you are needing anything corrected or changed on your birth certificate you would want to complete that step 1st. SO that you will no problems when applying for your passport. The amendments and corrections department in the state you were born will be able to assist you with this. If you need the contact number for the state’s amendments & corrections please let us know and we’ll be happy to help.
      As far as the certificate you received goes, you really should select the actual reason you need it so that the vital records office knows to put the required information on it. Some states will give less details on the certificate if you say you just need it for yourself. If I may, what state did you order it from (where were you born)? This will help me to determine if the reason selected plays a role in the certificate received could vary.
      Thank you again,
      Nichole H.

  15. Just wondering how are you able to pass the notary signature when san Diego ‘s clerk needs that from me online before I am able to receive it ?

    1. Thank you for your question. Because every location may have unique regulations and rules, we suggest you contact us at vitals.research@vitalchek.com with your order number and any specific questions you may have. Thank you.

  16. I need a new birth certificate to show my parents names to apply for a passport. Will this Birth Certificate show their names?

    Thank you

    1. Hello Debbie and thank you for your question.
      If you are needing the certificate for a passport make sure you select that for the reasoning in the drop down box. This will make sure the state knows to give you all the required information on certificate for obtaining a passport. You can order on http://www.VitalChek.com or you can contact our office at 1-800-255-2414. VitalChek works directly with hundreds of government agencies nationwide to provide consumers with the ability to securely order their vital records online.
      Thank you,
      Nichole H.

  17. I think this is a ripoff. I ordered from Vitalchek because they offered fast results, BS.
    I needed me birth certificate now so, their claim of 3 to 5 days is a joke.

    1. Hello John, We are sorry for your experience. If you can send us a direct email at Vitals.Research@VitalChek.com (including your order number) we’ll be happy to check with the vital records office to find out the status of your order.
      Thank you,
      Nichole H.

  18. What is needed if a non-family member goes to pick up birth certificate for you?

    1. Great question, thank you. In most cases, only the individuals named on the record or immediate family members are allowed to receive someone’s birth certificate – to help ensure the certificate doesn’t get into the wrong hands. However, since each agency has unique rules and requirements, it’s usually best to contact the vital record agency, or check their website, to see who may be eligible to pickup or receive a birth certificate. Thank you.

  19. Why did birth certificate become so expensive. Its only a paper document that you can usually keep and be able to read for , I’ll say 40 or 50 years. I am seventy now and have to pay 22.50 for a new one only because it can not be read any longer. The cost is too much.

    1. Great question Virginia. While we can’t speak for all the specific costs that the vital record agencies charge for producing and issuing birth certificates, there have been significant changes in the security of these documents which contribute to the increased cost of producing them. Things like being printed on enhanced security paper, to help ensure they cannot be easily duplicated or modified, is just one example of changes in recent years. Once you get your new certified copy, we suggest that you keep it in a very secure place and don’t handle it often to help ensure it will stay clear and readable for a long time to come. Thank you.

  20. I ordered my sons birth certificate almost a week ago to register him for school and still have not received a email or any thing about it!! An yes ive checked all folders!! I paid for it and im extremely agitated! I nees it like now or he cant go to school!

    1. Thank you for reaching out April. Please email us at Vitals.Research@vitalchek.com with your order number and we’ll gladly look into the situation for you, so you can get your son’s birth certificate right away. Thank you.

  21. I ordered my birth certificate. On March 10,2016 and it still is not here I’ve called and they said it takes up to 20 business days when the paper that I got off-line said it takes 2 weeks and is Saturday considered a Business day

    1. Hello Chelsea and thank you for reaching out to us.
      Saturday is not considered a business day due to the vital records offices being closed on the weekends and holidays. However we can look into your order to find out the status. If you would please email us directly at Vitals.Research@vitalchek.com including your VitalChek order number we’ll be happy to look into this for you. You can also call our office at 1-800-255-2414.
      Thank you,
      Nichole H.

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    1. I want to pickup a copy of my Birth Certificate. can go to the county I was born in if I was born in 1948 or do I have to go to
      Frankfort Ky. I was born in Dry Ridge Kentucky

      1. Hello Sharon. You may want to contact the vital records agency in the county your were born in order to verify that you can walk in and order a copy of your birth certificate there rather than going to Frankfurt.

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  24. Very disappointed I ordered my birth certificate and the sex on it states male however I and a female. Not only can’t I get my passport,I also live in North Carolina and there is a law that states I have to use the bathroom associated with the sex on my birth certificate the bill is called hb2.

    1. Hello Ronda and thank you for reaching out to us. If the vital records office made an error on your record you can contact them to advise them of the error and they will be happy to assist in getting this corrected. If you have had your birth certificate before and it listed the correct gender it should be a simple fix. You can contact our office at 1-800-255-2414 and we can reach out to them for you or you can contact the North Carolina vital records office directly at (919-792-5986).
      Thank you,
      Nichole H.

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  31. Trying to get my birth certificate. You ask for additional documentation which I uploaded and sent. Now you want that same info via fax which I do not have access to. Are you kidding me?? I sent an email to your company already. I am not faxing anything. This is utterly ridiculous.

    1. Hello Charmaine and thank you for reaching out to us. If you would please send us a direct email including your VitalChek order number we’ll look into this further for you to find out why you are now being asked to fax documents. You can email us directly at Vitals.Research@vitalchek.com .
      Nichole H.

  32. My son is 2 was born in Illinois but we lived in Missouri at the time. Do I get his birth certificate from the state of Illinois or the state of Missouri where we resided?

    1. Hello Carrie and thank you for your question. If your son was born in the state of Illinois then his certificate would be on file in the state of Illinois. If you need to order his certificate you can use the VitalChek service https://www.vitalchek.com/vital-records/illinois . We at VitalChek work directly with the state of Illinois along with hundreds of government agencies nationwide to provide consumers with the ability to securely order their vital records online. You also have an option to submit a mail in application directly to the state of Illinois. Here is the link to the states website http://www.dph.illinois.gov/topics-services/birth-death-other-records/birth-records . If you have any questions please feel free to call our office at 1-800-255-2414.
      Nichole H.

  33. how long could i expect to get the birth certificate that i ordered for detriot michigan today?
    i need it by next month, and u do not wish to see it delayed like the others in this forum.
    could u let me know the approximate time? thank you.

    1. Hellow Alex and thank you for your question.

      If you placed your order through the VitalChek online service and selected your record to come from the state of Michigan then you can contact our office directly at 1-866-443-9897 and we’ll be happy to look at your specific order. The State of Michigan’s vital records office process their order through our VitalChek service, depending on the shipping method that someone selects the processing time can vary from 1-2 business days then shipped UPS Next day Air Saver or 5-10 business days to process then shipped via regular mail. The Processing time starts once the order is complete.

      Thank you,
      Nichole H.

  34. How long do we have to wait after our child was born in Broward County Florida to order her birth certificate?

    1. Hello Tim and thank you for your question.

      The registration time for the state office is typically only 3-5 business days to register a birth in Florida. You can place your order on the VitalChek website https://www.vitalchek.com/vital-records/florida/florida-vital-statistics . VitalChek offers the convenience of ordering birth records and other vital records for yourself or your family from the privacy of your home or office, 24-hours a day, 7 days a week, with no hidden fees or unexplained charges. No traffic, no standing in line, no parking, no hassles. You can also order directly from the state of Florida by mailing in your application or going to the vital records office.

      Thank you,
      Nichole H.

  35. Where can i go to pick up application to send in for my sons birth certificate he was born in minnesota but now live in louisiana …. He is needing it for work purposes

    1. Hello Nancy,

      Thank you for reaching out to us. Here is the link to the state of Minnesota’s birth certificate application http://www.health.state.mn.us/divs/chs/osr/bcappia.pdf Please feel free to visit their site directly to review the rules for ordering http://www.health.state.mn.us/divs/chs/osr/birth.html
      Thank you,
      Nichole H.

  36. I placed an order on August 16. It’s currently Oct 3 and I have yet to receive my document or email telling me the order’s process. Calling isn’t helping, I’m waiting on the phone right now as I type this. So far I have been waiting for 37 mins. I don’t know where my birth certificate is. For I know it could be in someone’s hand who could take this information and do harm. A friend recommended vitalcheck, I’m regretting it now.

    1. Thank you for posting. We apologize if you are experiencing a long wait time on the phone. If your issue has not been resolved and you would prefer to email us at vitals.research@vitalchek.com with your order number, we will be glad to assist you. Thank you.

  37. How long does it take before you receive your birth certificate when you make corrections. I have been waiting for 2 months I live in NY.

    1. Good morning, Vonnetta. Thank you for your question. There are a number of factors that can cause a delay in the delivery of your amended certificate. We recommend you contact the amendments office where your initiated the change to determine if they require further information to process your order and provide you with an estimated time of arrival for your order.

  38. I have applied for Copy of my birth certificate date: 09/30/2016 at Vital record office Reisterstown Road Plaza, 6764 Reisterstown Rd B, Baltimore, MD 21215, and its being more then 15 days i have’t receive my copy in mail. could you please explain what made so long even after paying the amount and service fee there my mail box is still waiting.

    1. Good morning, Tamika. Thank you for your question. It sounds as though you applied for your certificate in person at the vital records office on Reisterstown Road in Baltimore. Your best course of action would be to contact that office directly to determine if there is any additional information required to process your order. The phone number for that location is (410) 764-3038.

  39. I was asked to fax the authorization form to 925-335-7887 for Contra Costa County Recorder, but I tried like 10 times today and it never went through. Can I scan and send it over email? thanks.

    1. Hello, Peter and thank you for your question. We recommend that you contact Contra Costa County Recorder’s office directly at (925) 335-7900 to verify the fax number you have is correct. They will also be able to advise you of any alternative method of form submission that might be available.

  40. Hello
    I have applied for my birth certificate since sept 18. And it’s been processing since then. I was told that Pennsylvania processing date is 10 to 20 working days. Its way pass that and it’s still processing. How long more do I have to wait. I used vital check because I tot it was fast and effective but I dont know what to think any more

    1. Hello Anthony. We’re sorry you are experiencing a delay in receiving your birth certificate. Please email us your order number at vitals.research@vitalchek.com and we’ll be happy to assist you.

  41. Vitalcheck is obviously NOT THE QUICKEST WAY to get your birth certificate. It’s been over 30 days since we requested my boyfriend’s certificate in Pennsylvania and it hasn’t arrive yet. I’m beginning to think Vitalcheck is a major scam.

    1. Hello Maria. We are sorry that you have not received your certificate yet. Please email us at vitals.research@vitalchek.com and include your order so we can look into this for you. Thanks.

  42. I am in Arkansas State , after birth of child , how many days do I need to wait to apply for Birth certificate.

    1. Hello Ramesh. Thank you for your question regarding applying for a birth certificate for your child. We suggest you contact the vital records agency in the city where your child was born for more information.

  43. My husband needs his birth certificate urgently in less than two weeks for his passport so we thought we will do it through vitalcheck,but…… so we sent his sworn letter but there was no confirmation from vitalcheck after two days we called and they have no record.. how can they not have a record? we faxed and we got the received message.. so we sent again and no confirmation again.. meanwhile we asked if we can scan and upload and every rep had a different story. One said Santa Clara requires us to fax while other said we could upload. The point is if it is so difficult to fax and get a confirmation and the get the process even started good luck with getting it on time. At this point we feel if we had done it through mail directly with the county probably it would have been better.

    1. We’re sorry you’ve had a frustrating experience trying to determine the status of your order with regards to receipt of your faxed documents. Please email us your order number at vitals.research@vitalchek.com or call us at 800-255-2414 and we’d be happy to assist you.

  44. The hospital where my daughter was born lost her paperwork, so she doesn’t have a birth certificate at all. How long does it take to have one created for her and what sort of proof do I need if her existence? I no longer live in the state where she was born.

    1. Hello Jonathan. Thank you for your question. We suggest that you contact the Vital Records agency in the city where your daughter was born. They should be able to help you determine the type of documentation you will need and who you will need to contact.

  45. HI,

    We ordered a birth certificate over a week ago and it was supposed to be delivered ups air; UPS says they have not received the package at all from Vital check; only the billing details.

    1. Hello Agya. We’re sorry to hear you have not received your certificate yet. Please email us your order number at vitals.research@vitalchek.com and we will be happy to look into this for you.

  46. I ordered my birth certificate on October 10th. It is now December 5th and I have yet to receive it. I am highly dissatisfied.

    1. Hello Arianna. We are sorry to hear that you have not received your certificate yet. Please email your order number to us at vitals.research@vitalchek.com and we’ll be happy to look into this for you. Thanks.

  47. Vital check is useless and does not speed up the process. We placed two orders within two weeks of each other for two different birth certificates and we have received the latter of the two and not the one that was originally placed first. The order was placed 11/10/2016 and now we are being told that it may not be until February 2017 until we get it. How is this possible when we already received the latter of two orders (that order we received within one week) but this one will take 3 to 4 months. Just insane if you ask me. So yes, I do believe a better option would be to go to your local office if you are able. And then to call the local office they just give you the same information the website gives you. Blah, blah, blah. So no sooner do you make the phone call and wait only to hear what the website is telling you. You have my money, I want my birth certificate. I guess I can kiss my March trip goodbye because I will not be able to get the passport in time. Extremely dissatisfied that it takes this long to receive something like this. Would you appreciate it if I told you that you could not have that dental appointment, surgery, or vacation if this was you! Either hire more people or make it more convenient.

    1. Hello Tamara. We’re sorry for the inconvenience you are experiencing. Each state has different requirements and different processing times for vital records orders. If the two birth certificates you ordered are coming from different states, this may explain why the second certificate you ordered arrived first. There are a handful of states that are experiencing very high order volume and their processing times are in the range you mentioned. Please contact us at vitals.research@vitalchek.com and we’ll be happy to look into the matter for you to see if the state allows for rush requests under certain circumstances.

  48. Hi, my boyfriend and I have to travel within the next 3 weeks. He just order his birth certificate (from Austin Texas) using your service because the last one (using US post office) was never delivered. Do you think we will get it within the next week? He paid the expedite shipping (1-3 business days). It is extremely urgent because he needs to get his passport.

    1. Hello Grace. Thanks for reaching out to us. Your boyfriend can log into VitalChek.com and click the “Manage My Order” Tab for more information regarding the order status. Be sure to have the order number and pin number handy. If he has further questions, he can email us at vitals.research@vitalchek.com and we’d be happy to assist him.

  49. I placed an order for my birth certificate on January 10th 2017 for travel purposes as i recently realized that I misplaced my birth certificate and still had a month left before cruise. I placed the order and requested express shipment. I am now 1 week away from cruise and still no birth certificate. When i check online the last week…the website just says process complete yet nothing has arrived. This is so frustrating considering there is no refund if i miss this cruise.

    1. Hello Sharon. We’re sorry to hear you haven’t received your birth certificate yet. Please email us with your order number at vitals.research@vitalchek.com and we will look into this for you.

  50. Please excuse my ignorance, but in order to apply for a passport in person at the post office (in Wisconsin), do I need to give away the birth certificate (in which case I would need to order one from VitalCheck), or do I just need to bring along my original to be copied and given back to me?
    Thank you!

    1. Hello Jennifer. Very good question. When you apply for your passport, you will be required to submit your birth certificate with your application but it will be returned to you later once the process is complete.

  51. Hello my name is sheila polk i wanna know how do i get my orginal birth certificate

    1. Thank you Sheila. Original birth certificates are kept on file by the government vital record agency (state, county, and/or city) responsible for issuing birth certificates and other vital records. You can obtain an official, or certified, copy of your birth certificate (which would be valid for most legal purposes, including obtaining a US Passport) either directly through the vital records agency in the state where you were born, or you may be able to order online through our website at http://www.vitalchek.com. We hope this is helpful for you. Best regards.

  52. I have order my b/c and they took the payment and got a email on the 8 of march that it had been ship but guess what havent recieved it this is just bs .. i need that b/c for court and yet do u care i have email you guys i have called and nothing .. so disappointed on this service

    1. Good morning, Claudya. We’re sorry to hear you have not received you birth certificate yet. Please send us an email message with your order number to vitals.research@vitalchek.com and we’ll be happy to assist you.

  53. Waiting on hold for an hour, no one ever picked up, had one simple question about Los Angeles County, CA…is there any way to expedite getting a copy of birth certificate from Los Angeles County? They say 4 weeks!?! Please call me 410-xxx-xxxx -John

    1. Hello John. I have forwarded your question on to our customer service team and someone should be contacting you soon. You can also email your questions to us at vitals.research@vitalchek.com.

  54. i am in nj but was born in NY i need a birth certificate for a passport ASAP. can i use a birth certifiacte i obtain from this site for a passport? and how long before i get it if ordered today?

    1. Hello Jinelle. Thanks for reaching out to us with your questions. You can order a birth certificate through VitalChek.com for passport purposes. During the ordering process, you will need to select passport/travel for the reason you need the birth certificate. NY state advises their processing time after the application is approved is 5 to 10 business days. (NYC 5-7 business days). You will have the option of selecting expedited shipping through UPS Next Day Air for $17 or U.S. standard mail (2-3 days) for free If you have any questions during the ordering process, you can email us at vitals.research@vitalchek.com and we’ll be happy to assist.

  55. I was born in Jay Florida and I am trying to get my original birth certificate not just a copy I want the one with my weight by length I want the original birth certificate that my mom got that she gave to me on her dying bed how do I obtain that? I have a copy but it looks nothing like my real birth certificate the one I gave my mom when she had me with a seal on it how do I get this?

    1. Hello Margaret. Thanks for reaching out to us with your question regarding your original birth certificate. It sounds like what you are looking for is an informational or heirloom copy. We suggest you watch our short video Differences in Birth Certificate Types for more information. You can contact the vital records office in Jay, Florida to find out more about obtaining your informational copy.

  56. My order was cancelled for some odd reason!?

    1. Hi Nicholas. Thanks for reaching out to us. We’re sorry to hear your order has been cancelled. Please email your order number to vitals.research@vitalchek.com and we’ll be happy to look into this for you.

  57. Complete Scam…

    Never received our order even months later.. and if you call them wait times can be hours… no joke..
    There is no tracking with regular mail only UPS Overnight,

    1. Hello Mr. Warden. We’re sorry you are dissatisfied with the service you have received. I have asked our customer service team to reach out to you via email but they are unable to locate an order number or phone number associated with your email address to contact you. Please email your order number to vitals.research@vitalchek.com so we may assist you. We sincerely hope we can resolve this for you.

  58. Went in person to obtain my Babys birth certificate, they made a mistake of not putting her fathers name on it, can i obtain birth certificate here with the appropriate corrections?

    1. Hello Adriana. Thanks for reaching out to us with your question. If your child was born in Louisiana, you can submit amendment requests through Vitalchek. Otherwise you will need to contact the vital records office you visited in person and request information on amending your daughter’s birth certificate to include her father’s name. Depending on the state and the age of your daughter, it might be as simple as filling out some paperwork and submitting it.

  59. My husband ordered his birth certificate 7 weeks ago online and we still have not received it. Is there any way to check on the status of his order and when we can expect it? We need to apply for a passport for a trip to China in early September, but I am afraid we are not going to get the birth certificate in time to get the passport back and processed. We live in Pittsburgh, PA, but he was born in Philadelphia, PA. If we wanted to get the certificate in person, would we have to go to the Philly office?

    1. Hello Aliceann. Thanks for reaching out to us with your question about your order. PA is currently experiencing a backlog on order processing so that is probably what is causing the delay. Please email your order number to vitals.research@vitalchek.com so we can see if it is possible to request a rush from PA due to your need to get a passport. To get the certificate in person, you would have to go to the Philly office.

  60. I ordered a birth certificate for my husband via VitalChek online over 35 days ago and chose UPS Air which was $18.00 and still have not received it. I went through the local post office to order my birth certificate so that I could obtain a passport and the fee was only $20.00 (no extra fee) and received it the following week. My complaint is that I paid a total of $48.00 through VitalChek for my husband’s birth certificate and still do not have it ?

    1. Hello Regina. Thanks for reaching out to us with your issue. We’re sorry to hear you have not received your husband’s birth certificate yet. Each state vital record office may have different processing times depending on their current order volume which may explain the delay. Please email your order number to vitals.research@vitalchek.com so we may assist you.

  61. We had ordered for my newborn daughter’s birth certificate about three and half months ago (order no XXXXXXXX) but have still not received it. We have made multiple calls and each time we were told that they are about to mail it and we should be getting it within the next 3-4 days but we have got nothing ! We are very upset at this kind of service

    1. Hello Bidisha. We ‘re sorry to hear your haven’t received your daughter’s birth certificate yet and that you’re displeased with the service you have received thus far. Please email your order number to vitals.research@vitalchek.com so we can look into this for you.

  62. Hello, my name is Taylor. I am from Pennsylvania, but currently live in Virginia. I need my long-form birth certificate for a Passport Application. What is the turn-around time roughly on these and is there a way to get it expedited?

    1. Hello Taylor. Thanks for your question. Generally speaking, the quickest and least expensive way to obtain a copy of your birth certificate is to go to the Vital Records office in person…they will usually process your order while you wait. This is obviously not the most convenient method for you since you live in Virginia and need a record from Pennsylvania. If you order online through VitalChek.com , it will most likely take 25-35 business days for Pennsylvania Vital Records to process your order since they are backlogged due to heavy order volume over the past several months. It is possible to expedite an order if you can show immediate need such as travel documents that verify you need the certificate for an upcoming trip. If you have additional questions, please email us at Vitals.Research@VitalChek.com.

    2. Hello Taylor,
      Larissa’s reply is 100% UNTRUE. I moved from PA to New Jersey earlier this summer and in early August applied for a
      copy of my PA birth certificate which I need to register my car and get a new driver’s license.
      I was told it would be approximately 30 days. Still having not received it, I contacted Vitalchek to see what was up. They told me that they were
      currently processing order received in the middle of JUNE. Complete joke. That means that I won’t be able to register my car or get a driver’s license
      until after my current documents expire. Vitalchek, by not honoring their time commitment, is giving me the choice to quit my job or drive illegally. Awesome.
      My advice to you is that if you need your birth certificate to arrive before your death certificate, do NOT use this absurd and dishonest process.

      1. Hello John. We’re sorry to hear about your ordering experience. VitalChek is authorized by – and works directly with – government agencies across the nation to provide vital record ordering services on their behalf. Once we gather all the pertinent information from a customer, we forward it on the appropriate State vital record agency who then produces the certified copy of the record and has it shipped based on the method of shipping selected during the ordering process. Once the information is submitted to the state agency, we, unfortunately, have no control over the time it takes them to process the order. We try to post the most accurate processing times possible but again can only pass on the information provided to us by the state agency. Each state may have different processing times based on any number of factors including order volume, staffing, efficiency, etc. Unfortunately, in your case, the state of Pennsylvania has been experiencing a severe backlog in order processing. Again, we’re sorry you have not received your order yet. In some cases, orders can be expedited if you can provide documentation that shows need. Please email us at vitals.research@vitalchek.com if you would like us to look into whether PA will provide expedited service based on the impending expiration of your current documents.

  63. Hi, I am in Los Angeles CA, which is where my daughter was born. She will be turning 2 in a couple of months and I’ve never had a birth certificate for her. How long would it take for me to receive it if i order through vital check and pay for the UPS Next day air? your prompt response is greatly
    appreciated. Thank you!

    1. Good morning, Lupita. Thank you for considering VitalChek for your birth certificate order. Generally speaking, once your order is approved for LA County, it takes 1-3 days to process and another day to ship via UPS Express Delivery. The price for one certified copy of a birth certificate, which includes the LA County vital records agency fee, the VitalChek fee and the expedited shipping fee, will be approximately $55 to $60. You can >CLICK HERE for more information or to start an order. If you have questions, you can email us at vitals.research@vitalchek.com.

    2. Larrissa,
      I am simply pointing out that when you told Taylor it would take 25-35 business days, that is not “the most accurate processing time possible.” In fact, it is not remotely true. I will ACTUALLY take 2-3 times that long. If you truly want to provide the most accurate processing time possible, THAT is what you should be telling people. If I had received an accurate processing time up front, I would have made arrangements to go to PA in person to avoid this mess.

      1. Hello John. I certainly understand where you are coming from and apologize for the extended wait for delivery of your certificate. Unfortunately, VitalChek has no control over the agencies’ processing times. We strive to provide the most accurate information possible and the 25-35 days reflects the average processing time. A significant number of orders are processed during that time frame, while others, due to a variety of factors, take longer. And I understand that none of this explanation makes your situation any less frustrating but I have been told by our customer service team that they are in the process of updating the PA processing time to reflect the extended wait. Again, we apologize for the delay you have experienced in receiving your certificate.

  64. Vital check is a rip off – over 8 weeks now and no birth certificate – don’t use this service!

    1. Hello John. We’re sorry to hear you have not yet received your birth certificate order. We process thousands of orders a day and then forward them on to government vital records agencies across the country so they can complete the order and produce the vital record that is ultimately shipped to you. While most of these agencies are extremely efficient and ship the orders in the time frame advertised, there are a handful of agencies that are dealing with extreme backlogs of orders. Please email your order number to vitals.research@vitalchek.com or call us at 800-255-2414 so we can look into this for you.

  65. Yes moderation means you don’t post negative reviews – total scam

    1. Hello John. I assure you we post all comments both good and bad. I was out of the office last week and am only know addressing the comments posted last week.

  66. Scam scam Scam

    1. Hello John. I assure you we are a legitimate company and not a scam. Again, we’re sorry to hear you have not received your birth certificate order yet and would be happy to look into this situation for you. Please email us at vitals. research@vitalchek.com or call us at 800-255-2414 so we may assist you.

  67. I also have been waiting for a month on a birth certificate. VitalChek says they sent the information to California. I cannot get an explanation on what the hold up is.

    1. Hello Glen. We’re sorry to hear you have not received your birth certificate from California yet. Please email us at vitals.research@vitalchek.com or call us at 1-800-255-2414 and we’ll be happy to assist you further with this issue.

  68. Hi, what constitutes legal Authority
    in the area of receiving a birth certificate
    for a person that is not yourself? I am a
    friend not a relative…

    1. Hello Tim. Each state has different requirements for entitlement to receive a vital record. A few states have open records policies which means anyone can request and receive a copy of a vital records. Most states set limitations that may include family members, spouses and/or legal representatives. We suggest you contact the issuing vital records agency in the state of birth to determine who is entitled to receive the birth certificate.

  69. Hello I would like to order my birth certificate to get a passport. I’m going out of the country the end of Jan. I live in TN but I was born in Pa. VitalChek says the wait is 65-80 business days then another week or two for delivery. How accurate is that? I still have to apply for the passport which also takes time. Should I go with another company that charges more to get it sooner?

    1. Hello Samadhi. Thanks for reaching out to us with your questions. The processing time that VitalChek posts is provided to us by the Pennsylvania Vital Records Agency and can change based on various factors at that agency. It will not be quicker to go through another more expensive company or to order by phone or mail since ultimately all orders have to funnel through the PA agency. If you order through VitalChek and provide documentation of your travel plans, we can submit a rush request to PA but there is still no guarantee it will be approved or arrive on time. The quickest way to get your certificate is to visit the PA Vital Records office in person as walk-in orders take top priority and are processed in a few days. Obviously this is not a convenient solution for you since you live in Tennessee. However, if you have any family currently in PA, the state’s entitlement information states that a birth certificate may be ordered by you or your mother, father, son (18+), daughter (18+), brother, sister, grandmother, grandfather, grandchild, wife or husband. We hope this information has been helpful. If you need further assistance, please email us at vitals.research@vitalchek.com or call us at 800-255-2414.

  70. I am very unsatisfied. I ordered a New York City long-form birth certificate that needed an Apostille for a foreign country, as I indicated on the application. It was supposed to come with a Letter of Exemplification, but it did not. There is no way to contact vitalcheck to report the error, and it seems the only solution is to pay and start the process over again, with the hope that this time it comes with the Letter. I tried submitting it to NYS without the letter and it was rejected and my check was returned.

    1. Hello Linda. We are sorry for the issues with your order. You should have received a confirmation email with a contact phone number once you placed your order. Please email your order number to vitals.research@vitalchek.com or call us at 800-255-2414 so we may assist you.

  71. We have been trying to get in touch with a live person at Vital Check for 3 days, this is unacceptable. We paid $50 to get 2 official copies of the birth certificates.
    The UPS next day air envelope we received is unbelievably wrinkled and torn. I called UPS and filed a case, but they referred me to get in touch with the “shipper” which is Vital Check.
    The problem is this seems unrealistic so far: 3 days, on hold for hours and nobody answers the line.

    It is also ridiculous how your website tells people to send their questions directly on your own website:

    If you have a question regarding VitalChek services, please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions section first.

    If you are still unable to find an answer to your question after searching the most often asked questions, you can e-mail VitalChek by clicking on the “Ask a Question” tab that will appear at the top of the page after your initial search in the Frequently Asked Questions section.

    RIGHT! except for there’s no ““Ask a Question” tab “! this is RIDICULOUS.

    1. Hello Sana. I am very sorry to hear that your order was damaged in shipping and that you have been unable to reach anyone at VitalChek. I have asked our one of our customer service specialists to try to find your order based on the the email address displayed here with your post and reach out to you with assistance. If this email address is not associated with your order, you can contact us via email at vitals.research@vitalchek.com or if you use facebook via private message on our VitalChek facebook page where you will usually get a response within minutes. You can also call us at 800.255.2414. Again, I am sorry to hear about your frustrating experience.

  72. Larissa, thanks for the note. But is your team going to fix the functionality that you claim you have on this website but actually it doesn’t exist? There’s no option to use “Ask a Question tab” that you instruct to use. Did it ever exist??

    1. Hello Sana. Sorry you were unable to find the “Ask a Question” page. If you go to the VitalChek webpageand click the FAQs tab at the top right of the page, you will land on a page that has three tabs directly below the VitalChek logo: Support Home; Answers and Ask a Question. If for some reason this tab does not appear immediately, click on one of the FAQs and it should appear. Hope this helps.

  73. What documents do i need to upload once i have my form with the embassy´s notary public stamp? (for California) do i need to upload an ID or just the VitalCheck document with the stamp? best regards.

    1. Hello Jose. Thanks for reaching out with your questions. So we can better assist you, please contact us by phone at 800-255-2414, by email at vitals.research@vitalchek.com or by private message on our VitalChek Facebook page.

  74. I ordered a birth certificate via vitalchek over a month ago. I never received an order number nor my birth certificate. the money I paid was taken out of my account who do I contact because I tried customer service, but have no order number.

    1. We are sorry to hear about your ordering issues. It may be possible to look up your by the applicants name and email address. Please contact us at 800-255-2414, vitals.research@vitalchek.com or by private message on our Facebook page so we can look into this for you.

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