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How to Contact VitalChek – VitalChek Video

If you’ve recently ordered certified copies of vital records through VitalChek, you may have some follow up questions regarding your order. Knowing how to contact VitalChek based on your specific needs can help streamline your experience.

How to Contact VitalChek – Contacting VitalChek Customer Service

There are several different ways in which to contact the VitalChek team if you have questions or concerns about your vital records orders. Below are the different avenues for contact, and some resources to help you get the answers to questions you may have about your ordering process.

  • Checking the status of your VitalChek vital records order – Head to our website at and select “Manage my order” from the top menu. Make sure you have your order number on hand, as well as your pin number that was provided to you via email when you placed your order.
  • Direct messaging – For answers to all your questions, messaging us directly at may be the quickest and most convenient way to reach us.
  • Questions about ordering a vital record – If you haven’t yet placed an order with VitalChek, and you have questions about the ordering process, the best way to contact us is through one of our social media channels. You can find us on Facebook and Twitter.

How to Contact VitalChek

Resources to Assist You Common VitalChek Ordering and Processing Questions

  • How VitalChek order processing works – VitalChek is one of the only government-authorized, third party, vital records processing agencies. This means that once you place an order with VitalChek, the order is sent to the issuing agency for processing. When a life event such as marriage, death, divorce, or birth takes place, the government vital records agency in that county is responsible for issuing the associated vital record. Once the issuing agency receives your vital records order from VitalChek, they process your vital records and are responsible for shipping. Processing and ship dates are based on individual agencies’ wait times.
  • Visit our FAQ page for frequently asked questions – Our FAQ page on the VitalChek website has a list of answers to frequently asked questions. By checking our FAQ page page first, you may not need to reach out at all! If you don’t find the answer to your question, you’ll have the opportunity to use our online contact form ask questions to get answers.
  • Identity verification – To keep your identity secure, and to keep your identity secure, and
  • ensure you are authorized to receive the vital records you are trying to obtain, you may be asked to provide identity verification documents. If you’re having trouble uploading these documents, or aren’t quite sure what your next steps are, you can call us at the number provided on your order’s confirmation email. Watch the video below to learn more about how to submit an identity verification document.

How to Upload Identity Verification Documents

If you did not find the answer to your question above or on our FAQs page, please reach out via one of our contact methods listed above to get assistance with your VitalChek order.

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