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Frequently Required Documents to Enroll Your Child At A New School

Enrolling your child in school requires some planning ahead to make sure you have the right vital records prepared. The required documents to enroll your child in a new school may vary depending on the school itself, whether it is public or private, and whether this is the first time school enrollment for a child or a transfer. However, there are a few common documents that will be required regardless that you can have ready to make the enrollment process easier for both you and your child.

Public schools often require quite a few documents to enroll in the district area school. You may be asked to complete an enrollment application to see which district school your child should be enrolled. You will also be expected to provide proof of your child’s age and identity, proof of residency, immunization records and other medical records, and or a portfolio showcasing your child’s skills. Charter schools will often require all of the above, specifically the portfolio. The most strict schools to enroll in are private school that often require an application, teacher recommendations, a formal placement assessment, and sometimes even an in person interview. As a general rule of thumb, you should have the following commonly required documents ready so you can enroll your child in school:

  • A birth certificate
  • Proof of guardianship and or custody
  • Proof of residency
  • Record of immunizations
  • Common application
  • Emergency contact forms

Enrolling your child in a new school through a transfer enrollment will often require all of the above documents AND/OR the below documents:

  • Former school records
  • IEP records
  • Teacher recommendations

It is important to reach out to the new school you wish to enroll your child in to find out the specific documents required. To get ahead of the game, you can obtain your child’s birth certificate from VitalChek to expedite the enrollment process. Learn more about how you can obtain government certified vital records visit


  1. In Massachusetts do they need to do a physical too enroll in 3rd grade?

    1. Hello Karen. The requirements may vary from school to school so we suggest you contact the school involved for more information.

  2. My step son is coming from Honduras I don’t think he has transfer papers from there school can he still go to school here or what do I do he has his birth certificste

    1. Hello Melisse. Thanks for reaching out with your question. Each school district may have different requirements for transferring students so we suggest you contact the school he will attend to find out what documentation you will need to provide.

  3. Hi. My name is margarita. I have been taking care of my 2 grand kids…their parents are not in their life right now. they come and go as they please. I been taking care of them on my own. and its time they start school. I don’t have guardianship or custody. Will I be able to sign then up? I really need to they are ages 5 and 4. I don’t know were even to begin how to obtain immunization records. I can get them a physical residential proof of address birth certificate medical cards and emergency contact cards PLEASE HELP ME OUT. IT WILL HELP ME A LOT. ITS JUST ME TAKING CARE OF THEM. WHAT CAN I DO? can you help me find a school to enroll them ASAP THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS.

    1. Hello Margarita. Unfortunately, we are not able to assist you with your request. We do however suggest you seek out assitance for such requests within your community. Perhaps if you contact your school district, they may be able to suggest an advocacy group within the community that can help guide you through the process of getting your grandchildren prepared and enrolled in school. We wish you the best!

  4. Hello my child is using unabridged birth certificate dose she needs permit to enrol to grade 1

    1. Hello Joyce. Requirements for enrollment in school may vary from district to district. Your best bet will be to check with the school district involved to determine if her birth certificate will be acceptable.

  5. Hello. My name is Maria. My son was attending a charter school on an Air Force base, but for personal reasons, we moved to Panama for 2 years. Now that we are going back I’m not sure about what documents I will need to get him enrolled again in school. Do we need to translate the school transcripts from Spanish to English? Thank you!

    1. Hello Maria. Requirements for enrollment can vary from district to district. Your best bet might be to contact the school in which you wish to enroll your son for more information on their requirements.

  6. I need to change my child from her old school to a new school she will be going to grd 2 from grd 1

    1. If you need assistance, you will need to contact the schools involved for more information about their transfer policies.

  7. The person who was helping to register my daughter onlinr used his
    Details so will I be able to fill the admission form
    With my details as I’m the child biological parent

  8. Hello, I have a question, I want to enroll my son into school and his father is deceased does the school’s require
    me to have prove of that since he is on my son’s birth certificate?

    1. Hello Daniela. Requirements for enrollment can vary from district to district so your best bet will be to contact the school involved for more information.

  9. Does the child have to be present when the legal guardian enroll him in school.

    1. Hello Yvonne. Thanks for reaching out with your question. Each school district may have different requirements so it may be best to chek with the school involved.

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