Back To School: 101 Preparation

Back To School 101: Preparing For The School Year

As any mom can attest, summer is the shortest season of the year. It seems like just yesterday we were planning for vacation and dragging out the bathing suits, and now it is time to start thinking about the kids going back to school – or, in some parts of the country the kids may already be back in school.

Going back to school can be fun too; it is a time of new goals and fresh starts. One thing that can make back to school better is to be well prepared for the year ahead. These tips are gathered from moms who have been there before and they are sure to help prepare you and your family for the first day!

  • Create a Calendar – While summer may be a time of relaxation and few responsibilities, at least for your kids, when fall comes our schedules will often become much fuller. A calendar to write down all the late practices, open house events, PTA meetings and other activities can be an invaluable tool to help organize your family!
  • Review Information – Do not let the paperwork pile up and take over the refrigerator. Make sure you review everything when it comes in the mail or comes home from school. By doing this, you can conquer the clutter and be better informed about what to expect in the weeks ahead.
  • Build a Routine – Your kids will have to get used to waking up and getting to bed early again. So now is the time to start preparing for it. If your kids are up until all hours of the night now, send them to bed a little earlier each night until they are back on a normal school-time schedule.
  • Shop Ahead – No one wants to be shopping for those needed new shoes the day before school begins. Start shopping for all the necessities now. Not only will it make things easier for you, it will save you money too.
  • Visit the School – Call the school and find out if it is possible for you and your kids to visit the school before the first day. This can help your kids feel more comfortable with the school and can allow you the chance to meet the teachers and find out about any volunteer opportunities.
  • Make Copies – Do you have a certified copy of your children’s birth certificates? How about proof of vaccinations? Making copies of all this information is a great way to stay on top of things and be certain you can produce any needed information for registration.
  • Set Goals – Sit down with your kids and make some goals for the upcoming year. Would your child like to make honor roll or try out for basketball? It is important that you know what he or she is looking to accomplish so you can help them reach for the stars!
  • Be Available – The first day of school is chaotic for everyone. Be available as much as you can whether it’s making  a special breakfast, driving the carpool, or listening to all the happenings of the first day after school. It can make a big difference to how your child remembers this momentous day.

The key to implementing all these back to school strategies is to do so while still enjoying the time left in summer. Make sure you save plenty of time for sleeping late, days at the lake and s’mores at night because while back to school is important, summer is a very precious time to make memories with your family!



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