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7 Tips For Parent Involvement In Sports

Baseball, basketball, soccer, football and cheerleading—these are just a few of the sports which are most popular among youth. However, as any parent will attest, the involvement doesn’t stop with just the participating child—youth sports are a family affair. If you are looking for ways to be more involved, consider one of these seven ways you can make a difference!

  • Be a Team Mom or Dad – Nearly every league has a need for moms and dads who are willing to come to the games and practices, keep up with gear, organize snacks and call parents when there is a cancellation or game change. Being a team mom or dad is a hard job and one that requires ongoing commitment, but it is one of the most visible ways to give back to the kids.
  • Work in Concessions – Many youth sports leagues operate a concession stand as a way to make money for the league and to provide snacks and food for the players and fans. While some leagues allow the youth to work, often there needs to be a parent or two in there to take care of cooking and organization.
  • Organize Extra Practice – Speak with your child’s coach and find out if he would like any of the kids to work on any particular drills or activities outside of regular practice. If you have time you can invite some of your child’s best friends over to practice (and have some fun) outside of the organized sports time.
  • Carpool – You can help your family go green and make practice easier on the other parents at the same time by organizing a carpool. This takes a little work up front, but the time saved can be a big help for everyone involved.
  • Work on Registration Day – When it is time for the new season to begin, offer to work the sign up day. This may mean checking birth certificates, filling out paperwork and gathering phone numbers for the directory. This is a great way to meet other parents before the season begins, as well.
  • Fundraising – Fundraising is a never-ending battle for many leagues. Do you have any good ideas for ways the team can earn money? Set up a bake sale, contact corporate sponsors, organize candy sales or work a booth at the annual spirit day to help bring in the money needed to keep the league operational.
  • Get the Word Out – Get on social media or just call your friends. One of the biggest ways you can contribute is by contacting potential donors, players and fans to let them know what is happening. Spreading the word is very important!

As a parent of a youth athlete, you have a big job just making sure your child is dressed and at the game in time to play. Do not stress about all the details. The coaches and other parents appreciate everything you do. If all the parents work together, the league will grow and all the players will get more from the activity.

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