5 Things You Can Do This Summer To Get Your Child Ready For Fall Sports

Believe it or not, the fall sports season is just around the corner. Football and cheerleading are the biggest sports, but fall baseball, softball, soccer, lacrosse and even individual sports like track and indoor swimming are all growing in popularity. While the only thing your child may have to do to get ready for the season is brush up on the basics, get out to the park, and do a few drills, as parents you have many things to take care of to get ready. Why not start now and alleviate your future stress? Check out these five things you can do this summer to get ready for the fall sports season.

  • Gather Paperwork – Registering your child for a sports league involves gathering a selection of paperwork. Make sure you have a certified, government-approved copy of his or her birth certificate and make sure you have proof of address (if necessary.) Gathering this now can prevent a last minute crunch later.
  • Repair/Replace Equipment – Look through your selection of equipment and practice gear. Is there anything that needs repaired or replaced? If you complete this now, you may be able to save money and stress by scheduling repairs or arranging a used equipment exchange among the other parents in your child’s league. If you do wind up purchasing new replacements, you can often save money buying in the off season.
  • Schedule a Physical – Sports physicals are in high demand around the beginning of the new season. Make an appointment right now for your physical and you won’t have to worry about not completing it in enough time to meet league deadlines. Check with the requirements of your child’s league, you may even be able to get it done now.
  • Encourage Him or Her to Practice – In summer, your kids may have plenty to do, but now is the time to get in some extra practice. Invite over your child’s sports pals and have some practice sessions. That way the whole team will be better prepared for the upcoming season.
  • Plan the Carpools – Carpooling is always useful, but especially when school is back in session and the fall sports leagues begin. Call the other moms and dads and start arranging for the carpools today. That way one parent won’t have to shoulder the bulk of the carpool duties this fall.

You may not have thought about it before, but there are many things that must be done before the fall sports season begins. If you take care of these tasks today, by the time the season begins, you will be able to relax, sit back and enjoy the game!



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