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  • unexpected DNA test results

    Unexpected DNA Results

    By admin
    In March 27, 2020
    You got your Ancestry DNA test over the holidays and you’re super excited to learn all about your family tree, right? There’s so much to discover – where in the world you’re from, connections to relatives and even long lost family members you may not have known you had....
  • what are vital records

    What are Vital Records? Vital Records FAQs

    By admin
    In March 17, 2020
    If you’re an adult, you’ve probably heard the term “vital record” at some point. But what are vital records? You may be more familiar with birth certificates as a vital record, but you may not know there are several types of vital records that are important in our day...
  • micro wedding planning

    Micro Wedding Inspiration

    By admin
    In March 12, 2020
    Many people dream of their wedding from the time they were tiny young kiddos – from extravagant fancy events to the colors they choose, all the way to what their wedding party will wear and more. But times are changing, and so are trends in wedding planning. While some...
  • delayed birth certificate

    What is a Delayed Birth Certificate

    By admin
    In March 6, 2020
    Having a new baby is exciting! There’s so much planning that goes into your journey, and we totally get it – most of it is a ton of fun! Nursery colors, baby toys and blankets. But somewhere along the line, you’ll need to consider some important  legal aspects that...
  • gender change on a passport

    Transgender Passport – Changing Gender Markers

    By admin
    In February 28, 2020
    In light of current legislation and new laws being passed, the opportunities for transgender individuals to take steps in changing their gender markers on birth certificates and other forms of identity are beginning to present themselves. While not every state is yet onboard with allowing gender marker changes on...
  • birth certificate faq

    Birth Certificate FAQ

    By admin
    In February 23, 2020
    When it comes to vital records, it’s easy to recognize our birth certificates are the very first and most important document we will obtain throughout our lives. Knowing why this vital record is so important for so many reasons may not be understood completely, so we’ve put together this...