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  • Co-living

    Co-living | An Uprising 2019 Travel Trend

    By admin
    In May 23, 2019
    Co-living can have various meanings depending on what someone is looking for in a travel and living experience. Regardless of your background, work, lifestyle, or age, co-living is about building new communities and developing connections among those who occupy a similar living space.  What exactly is co-living? As OpenDoor...
  • top wedding themes for 2019

    2019 Wedding Themes

    By admin
    In May 20, 2019
    Of course when you’re planning your big day, you want to cram it full of family tradition and personal touches. If it’s an event you’ve been dreaming of since you were a child, you’ve probably been stashing away ideas you’ve come across your whole life. As with anything, wedding...
  • Travel Rewards Program

    Which Travel Rewards Credit Card Is The Best For You?

    By admin
    In May 14, 2019
    Nowadays, credit cards can be used to purchase anything from a brand new car to groceries or even a pack of gum from your corner deli. Travel credit cards are rewards cards that help users earn free travel, achieve elite member status with hotels and airlines, and enjoy many...
  • Child Born Abroad

    Is A Child Born Abroad Considered A U.S. Citizen?

    By admin
    In May 10, 2019
    Have you ever thought about your child’s citizenship status if he or she were born abroad? Let’s say you and your hubby are enjoying a babymoon in the Bahamas before the little one’s arrival. Unexpectedly, your baby decides to make it’s entrance much earlier than planned and you are...
  • best summer vacation destinations

    Best Summer Vacation Destinations

    By admin
    In May 5, 2019
    Some folks consider the best time for a vacation to be during the cold winter months when there’s nothing as relaxing as basking in the sun and experiencing the world from a warm destination while the blizzards rage on at home. But for many, the idea of summer brings...
  • Traveling without a real ID

    Traveling Without Real ID | What You Should Know

    By admin
    In May 1, 2019
    Due to the implementation of the Real ID act, the type of ID travelers are required to carry when traveling domestically has changed. Passed by Congress in 2005, the act is meant to reinforce and make the issuance of State IDs more secure. This Federal regulation leaves it to each...