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  • Tips for Flying With a Cat

    Tips on How to Fly With a Cat

    By admin
    In May 18, 2018
    The key to successfully traveling with any pet is research and planning. This is especially true for cat owners who are looking to fly with their beloved cat in-cabin. Tips on how to fly with a cat range from knowing what your airline’s rules and regulations are for pets...
  • Summer camps for kids

    Summer Camps for Kids

    By admin
    In May 15, 2018
    Do you remember your first experience at summer camp? The bonfires and marshmallows on sticks, the bunk beds in log cabins where you would tell ghost stories to your friends after the counselors went to sleep, or how about the long summer days spent swimming in the lake? Summer...
  • Getting married abroad

    Getting Married Abroad – Planning a Wedding Overseas

    By admin
    In May 7, 2018
    Getting married is an exciting milestone, and although wedding planning can be tedious and time consuming, it’s often half the fun of making your chosen day special! For the happy couples that choose to take it a step further, considering getting married abroad adds an extra wow factor to...
  • Divorce court determining who keeps wedding rings after divorce

    Who Gets the Wedding Rings in a Divorce?

    By admin
    In May 2, 2018
    Trying to figure out who gets the wedding rings in a divorce? It all depends on the situation – though it is common for courts to rule in favor of the spouse who was gifted the ring, not the person who purchased it. Complicating the matter is the idea...
  • Ziplining in united states

    Best Places to Go Ziplining

    By admin
    In April 30, 2018
    Looking for a vacation idea that is a little more exciting than your typical sit-on-the-beach type? If you’ve been there, done that with relaxing and soothing vacation destinations, there are plenty of adventures out there waiting for you. How about a trip dedicated to the best places to go...
  • Most romantic things to do in Paris

    The Most Romantic Things to do in Paris

    By admin
    In April 25, 2018
    Is Paris on your bucket list of places to visit with your significant other? It is no surprise since Paris is known for being the city of love, despite it actually being the City of Light, or la Ville Lumière in French. Paris received these informal and formal nicknames because...