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  • favorite tv fathers

    Father’s Day Tribute | Favorite TV Fathers

    By CJ Millar
    In June 17, 2018
    Today is Father’s Day, celebrated on the third Sunday in June in the United States. Officially signed into law in the 1970s, it’s been a tradition for much longer. As a fun Father’s Day tribute, this year we’re naming some of our favorite TV fathers that we’ve enjoyed over...
  • Summer wedding ideas

    Fun Summer Wedding Ideas

    By admin
    In June 15, 2018
    A summer wedding can be the perfect time to tie the knot! The warm air and soft breeze get everyone into a great mood, and the ice cold cocktails and refreshing hors d’oeuvres certainly don’t hurt. We’d like to share some of our favorite summer wedding ideas and planning...
  • Study abroad advice

    Study Abroad Advice From Students

    By admin
    In June 12, 2018
    Taking the time to study abroad during your college years is one of the most exciting opportunities out there for college students. Not only will you get the chance to visit another college or university for a broader learning experience, but the memories and friendships made along the way...
  • Ordering vital records online

    Is It Safe To Order Vital Records Online?

    By admin
    In June 7, 2018
    Privacy and safety of personal information is a very hot topic right now, and for good reason! It’s important to be careful of how you’re sharing your information on the internet – from social media to the occasional retail therapy. At VitalChek, we specialize in providing you a secure...
  • Specialty summer camps for kids

    Specialty Summer Camps for Kids

    By admin
    In June 4, 2018
    After a long, cold winter and a rainy spring season, it’s hard not to get excited for summer! As a parent, summer might feel like it requires some extra planning if your kids will be off school for a couple of months. Summer camp can be a godsend for...
  • Great Adventure - a traveler's bucket list

    The Great Adventure Travel To-Do List – Infographic

    By admin
    In May 31, 2018
    Buck·et list – noun A bucket list catalogs remarkable experiences and achievements you want to accomplish during your lifetime. The list details dreams you want to realize, visions you want to implement and experiences you seek to explore. It’s never too soon to start planning out your epic lifetime...