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  • what is a marriage annulment

    What is a Marriage Annulment?

    By admin
    In June 30, 2020
    In some circumstances, marriage is the wrong choice for some couples. Sometimes the decision to wed is an impromptu one, or perhaps details about a person’s past surfaces after vows are shared. When two people choose to wed, they most likely aren’t planning for an immediate separation. If you’ve...
  • name is misspelled on social security

    My Name is Misspelled on Social Security

    By admin
    In June 21, 2020
    It’s a more common occurrence than you might think. Sometimes when a baby is born, a clerical mistake happens and the incorrect information is recorded on the documents submitted to the vital records agency. While these mistakes aren’t the norm, it isn’t unlikely that these mistakes aren’t noticed until...
  • transgender name change

    Transgender Name Change – A Checklist

    By admin
    In June 13, 2020
    If you’re one of the many individuals going through a transition, you’re already aware of the hurdles you must take in order to change your name and gender. Because each state’s requirements are different, it’s not always clear what steps you may need to take. You may have some...
  • getting married at the courthouse

    Getting Married at the Courthouse

    By admin
    In June 4, 2020
    With the country reeling and recovering from lockdown, many have been forced to adjust their way of life. For example, people are having to navigate how to reschedule, reorganize and postpone major events. Among these events are family vacations, parties, and even weddings. In order to adhere to social...
  • happy divorce

    Our Happy Divorce – Navigating Separations

    By admin
    In May 30, 2020
    When two people decide to take the next step and tie the knot, they anticipate a lifetime of happiness together. Unfortunately, sometimes life together just isn’t in the cards. We don’t need to tell you that happily ever after together isn’t always the outcome, and it’s unfortunate but in...
  • death certificate FAQ

    Death Certificate FAQ

    By admin
    In May 20, 2020
    Vital records play a huge role in our lives. Whether we realize it or not, most major life events require certified copies of vital records. Whether we’re welcoming a new family member, getting married to our best friend or saying goodbye to loved ones, important documents called vital records...