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  • reasons to use a travel agent

    Reasons to Use a Travel Agent

    By Larissa
    In January 4, 2021
    As the travel industry looks to resume operations after the global pandemic, Americans are itching to head back overseas. Whether you’ve had to cancel your travel plans altogether, or you’ve merely postponed them until travel is safe again, you should start to see opportunities open back up. A majority...
  • who owns a birth certificate

    Who Owns a Birth Certificate?

    By Larissa
    In December 17, 2020
    Nearly 4 million babies are born in the U.S. each year. That’s a lot of new additions! When we are born in the United States or one of its territories, we are issued a birth certificate by the vital records agency nearest the location of our birth. Data collected...
  • does real ID transfer from state to state

    Does a Real ID Transfer From State to State?

    By Larissa
    In December 11, 2020
    As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, REAL ID deadlines have been extended from the original October 2020 deadline to October 2021. This is good news for any U.S. citizen who has not yet obtained their updated ID through their local DMV office. While early in 2020 there were...
  • how to contact vitalchek

    How to Contact VitalChek – VitalChek Video

    By Larissa
    In November 24, 2020
    If you’ve recently ordered certified copies of vital records through VitalChek, you may have some follow up questions regarding your order. Knowing how to contact VitalChek based on your specific needs can help streamline your experience. How to Contact VitalChek – Contacting VitalChek Customer Service There are several different...
  • how long do you have to name a baby

    How Long do You Have to Name a Baby?

    By Larissa
    In November 20, 2020
    Sometimes choosing the perfect baby name can be quite a struggle! Do you name your new addition after your mother-in-law? What about your grandpa’s namesake? Some cultures and religious observations mean your new baby won’t be named for several months after it’s born. So how long do you have...
  • travel in 2021

    Planning for Travel in 2021

    By Larissa
    In November 14, 2020
    COVID-19 has caused many of us  to change our plans and reschedule events.. The international travel scene is one of those areas that has experienced the biggest impact. Because of all the changes to the travel industry as a result of the pandemic, travel in 2021 is going to...