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  • which sport should my child play

    Which Sport Should My Child Play? | Signing Up for School Sports

    By admin
    In August 23, 2019
    For many families, back to school is in full swing. While return dates vary across the country, one thing is for sure; if your kids aren’t back in class already, they soon will be! Along with the return to school comes the start up of school sports seasons. As...
  • passport validity

    Passport Validity Rule | Know Before You Go

    By admin
    In August 19, 2019
    Are you aware that there is a six month passport validity rule? The six-month passport validity is a rule that other countries require when it comes to allowing foreign travelers to enter their countries. Many countries enforce the passport validity rule because they do not want to risk having...
  • sustainable and responsible travel

    Responsible Travel | The Importance of Responsible Tourism

    By admin
    In August 14, 2019
    If you’re an avid traveler, you’re probably already well aware of great travel tips to make your journey safer and more cost efficient. If your passion to see the world has taken you all over the globe, you might even have the experience and knowledge to seek out some...
  • engagement ring insurance

    Do I Need Insurance for my Engagement Ring?

    By admin
    In August 12, 2019
    So, you’re newly engaged – congratulations! In the heat of the moment, the last thing you are probably thinking about is getting your ring insured. Once you’ve said yes, your engagement ring becomes a priceless symbol of your commitment to one another, but it’s also a major investment for...
  • how to budget for traveling

    How to Make a Budget for Traveling

    By admin
    In August 8, 2019
    Some people simply live to travel. Other people view traveling as a bucket list item – a once in a lifetime experience. It doesn’t really matter which type of traveler you are, international and domestic vacations are exciting to plan. It’s not uncommon to learn that someone has refrained...
  • summer getaways

    Last Minute Summer Getaways to Plan Before the Fall

    By admin
    In August 6, 2019
    Planning a summer vacation takes a lot of time and research. By planning ahead, you can save yourself some unnecessary expenses and plenty of stress. However, for us procrastinators out there, planning a last minute summer getaway isn’t impossible.  One of the best ways to book an end-of-summer getaway...