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  • Changing your name

    Changing Your Name: What You Need to Know Beforehand

    By admin
    In October 30, 2018
    Have you ever thought about changing your name? The process to legally change your name is actually simpler than you think. Before moving ahead with your decision, it’s important to give the situation careful thought, as the ease of the process itself is not a reflection of how easy...
  • What is skip-gen travel?

    What is skip-gen travel?

    By admin
    In October 25, 2018
    Sorry Mom and Dad but the Grandparents have some bad news about your attendance on the family vacation this year. See, the kids, Grandma, and Grandpa have booked a vacation without you this time around. Okay, while we doubt anyone starts the conversation quite like this, the scenario isn’t...
  • REAL ID and foreign marriage certificate

    REAL ID and Foreign Marriage Certificate Issues

    By admin
    In October 17, 2018
    Have you been keeping up with all of the mentions of REAL ID in the news lately? There are countless news articles being published every day to keep up with the approaching deadlines and extensions. It’s important to note with REAL ID and foreign marriage certificates that you might...
  • What does SSSS mean on my boarding pass?

    What Does SSSS Mean on My Boarding Pass?

    By admin
    In October 12, 2018
    With the advancement of travel apps, online check-in and the ability to load up your boarding pass without even stopping at the airline’s counter upon your arrival to the airport, domestic airline travel has the potential to be a breeze. Of course, there are still a variety of reasons...
  • How to fly home for the holidays

    How to Fly Home for the Holidays

    By admin
    In October 8, 2018
    If you’re already wondering how to fly home for the holidays this year without breaking the bank or experiencing travel delays, we’ve got you covered. While we can’t help you control the weather for your planned travel dates, we can give you plenty of travel tips to make traveling...
  • Infant social security card

    How to Get a Social Security Card for Baby

    By admin
    In October 2, 2018
    With the excitement of welcoming your new little one home, you and your loved ones are probably up to your ears in making adjustments and settling in to your new routine. It doesn’t matter either, if you’ve had prior experience or if this is your first child. Knowing (or...