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  • Holiday traveling

    Best Places to Spend Christmas this Holiday

    By admin
    In December 11, 2017
    The Christmas and holiday decorations are out in full force and by now you’re probably working on finalizing your holiday travel plans. For some, spending time with friends or family is the perfect way to spend the season. For others, getting away to a holiday retreat might be a...
  • Best gifts for newlyweds infographic

    The Best Gifts for Newlyweds – Infographic

    By admin
    In December 7, 2017
    Do you know someone tying the knot soon? Need some great ideas for wedding gifts? We’ve put together some of the best gifts for newlyweds to help your soon to be or newly betrothed family or friends on their path to marital bliss. From traditional gifts, housewares, gift certificates,...
  • passport acceptance fair

    December Passport Acceptance Fair Information

    By admin
    In December 5, 2017
    A passport acceptance fair is a government event held at a local United States Post Office, town hall or school to help both adults and children get a new passport. Most passport acceptance fairs are for first time passport applicants only, though in larger cities some events may also...
  • lottery player minumum age

    Can a Non U.S. Citizen Win the Lottery?

    By admin
    In November 30, 2017
    Everyone dreams about winning the lottery – what they would buy, the bills they could pay off, the luxurious international vacations they would go on. Yet, every time the winning lottery numbers are drawn, it seems like luck is never on your side. There is a reason for this...
  • How to volunteer abroad

    How to Volunteer Abroad

    By admin
    In November 21, 2017
    When it comes to international travel, it’s sometimes difficult to justify a long trip away from home. Whether the cost of travel is what’s holding you back, or being unsure on where to go or what exactly to do on your trip, extended ventures outside of the U.S. can...
  • using your debit card abroad

    How to Travel With Bank Cards

    By admin
    In November 7, 2017
    Traveling internationally is exciting but managing currency exchange rates can be frustrating. Do you get cash before or after you’ve arrived at your destination? A simple solution is to travel with a bank card. Using your debit card abroad can cut out some of the hassle of exchanging for...