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  • What is a Marriage Tax Penalty?

    By admin
    In February 13, 2020
    Ok sure, taxes are convoluted and we sometimes have trouble understanding exemptions…how to file…dependents. What kind of deductions should I take? If you don’t have the pleasure of being able to afford a CPA, you may be looking for insight on tax rules. If you’re married and you can’t...
  • pre-adoption NY birth certificates

    Updates on Pre-adoption NY Birth Certificates

    By admin
    In February 8, 2020
    Great news for New York state’s adoptees! If you were born in New York, the option is now available for you to obtain your pre-adoptive birth records. There are a few stipulations, and not every person born in New York will be able to obtain their pre-adoption NY birth...
  • spring break trip ideas

    Cheap Spring Break Trips

    By admin
    In January 31, 2020
    Have you been eagerly counting down the days to spring break? It’s almost here, and you’ve still got plenty of time to get planning. Whether you’ve been hitting the books hard, or you’re just ready to get the family out of the dark and dreary cold weather, springtime brings...
  • who can get a death certificate

    Who Can Get a Death Certificate?

    By admin
    In January 28, 2020
    When it comes to vital records, one of the more unfortunate and sometimes unpleasant reasons someone may require a vital record is the death of a loved one. Just as a birth certificate signifies a new life, a death certificate marks a lost one. While a birth certificate is...
  • stepchild adoption help

    Stepchild Adoption – Resources to Help You With the Process

    By admin
    In January 24, 2020
    If you’re part of a family in which your spouse had children before your relationship, you have probably had your fair share of challenges. For a family that includes children that are not biologically yours, stepchild adoption is a meaningful and symbolic action. In some cases, getting health coverage,...
  • switched at birth

    Learning You Were Switched at Birth

    By admin
    In January 22, 2020
    The emergence of in-home DNA tests has certainly changed many lives. For some people, these easy-to-execute DNA tests provide links to lost relatives, or valuable information about congenital issues they may be curious about. For most, finding out they have a cousin they didn’t know about is pretty exciting!...