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  • How to Get a Social Security Card for Baby

    By admin
    In October 5, 2018
    With the excitement of welcoming your new little one home, you and your loved ones are probably up to your ears in making adjustments and settling in to your new routine. It doesn’t matter either, if you’ve had prior experience or if this is your first child. Knowing (or...
  • What states are REAL ID compliant?

    What States Are Real ID Compliant?

    By admin
    In September 26, 2018
    The REAL ID Act was passed by Congress so long ago (in 2005 – over a decade now!) that the quickly rising mentions of REAL ID in the news may be concerning. Researching what states are REAL ID compliant is a great second step in understanding what you need...
  • Do I Need Real ID?

    By admin
    In September 21, 2018
    If you’re a frequent traveler and happen to keep up-to-date on travel news, you may have noticed how quickly mentions of REAL ID have spiked recently. If you’ve asked yourself, “What is REAL ID?” or “Do I need REAL ID?”, you’re not alone. The REAL ID Act, officially passed...
  • Heli skiing in Iceland

    Should I Book a Winter Vacation?

    By admin
    In September 14, 2018
    Not every vacation has to be centered around the warm weather, a beach, or summer break. Winter vacations have their perks too! Booking a winter vacation often means you’ll save money on flights and hotel stays and avoid the months that draw in largest tourist crowds. From trips that...
  • Can you get a passport if you owe taxes?

    Can you get a passport if you owe taxes?

    By admin
    In September 8, 2018
    This recent blog was created to help expand on one of our previous blogs about getting a passport when you owe taxes. Continue reading below for more details! Can you get a passport if you owe taxes? The short answer is maybe, as it depends on how much money you...
  • Become an officiant

    How to Become an Officiant for Your Friend’s Wedding

    By admin
    In September 6, 2018
    Asking a friend or close family member to officiate your wedding is a great way to put a personal spin on the ceremony. If you already have someone in mind who can officiate your wedding, great! You’re already a step ahead. Part of this process, which we will go...