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  • Most romantic things to do in Paris

    The Most Romantic Things to do in Paris

    By admin
    In April 25, 2018
    Is Paris on your bucket list of places to visit with your significant other? It is no surprise since Paris is known for being the city of love, despite it actually being the City of Light, or la Ville Lumière in French. Paris received these informal and formal nicknames because...
  • Romantic treehouse getaways

    Coolest & Most Romantic Treehouse Getaways

    By admin
    In April 20, 2018
    When you picture planning your next fun vacation with your significant other, do you picture a nice hotel? Maybe there’s an attached balcony in your room where you can sit outside in the warm summer evening air and enjoy a beautiful view of the beach. Sound familiar? If you’re...
  • Proof of identification

    Proof of Identification if You Don’t Drive

    By admin
    In April 16, 2018
    Obtaining a driver’s license is often considered one of the big milestones of growing up and becoming an adult. It’s also one of the most commonly used photo IDs for things like proving identification when using a credit card at the mall, or when traveling for business or pleasure....
  • affordable first class flights

    How to Get Cheap First Class Tickets

    By admin
    In April 11, 2018
    Before technology became a staple in everyday life, snagging cheap first class tickets was more common and easier to achieve. Once seat assignments were computerized, it became a lot harder for check-in agents or gate and flight attendants to hand out easy upgrades to the general public. In the...
  • Fall wedding bouquet trending 2018

    Best Dates to Get Married in 2018

    By admin
    In April 5, 2018
    Ever wondered what the best dates to get married in 2018 are or whether there can truly be a perfect date? Well, according to Zola the perfect date does exist and it is October 20th, 2018. This is officially the most popular day of the year to get married...
  • Facts about engagement rings

    20 Facts About Engagement Rings

    By admin
    In March 30, 2018
    Thinking of popping the question and in the process of looking at engagement rings? Ever wonder where the tradition came from and how it’s evolved? There are a lot of different fun facts, as well as traditions when it comes to the engagement ring, and we’re not just talking...