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  • School registration

    School Registration – How Do I Get Started?

    By admin
    In July 17, 2018
    Can you believe that it’s already time for school registration? While some parts of the country may feel like classes just wrapped for summer, in many other parts, registration for the new school year is underway. Whether you’ve recently moved, are changing school districts, or need to show proof...
  • Vacation photo tips

    Vacation Photo Tips | How to Take Great Vacation Photos

    By admin
    In July 11, 2018
    We’re all for putting the phone the down and enjoying yourself while on vacation. An attachment to your phone vs. living in the moment can feel like a big ol’ ball and chain sometimes. There can be an exception to this rule though. Taking great vacation photos can be...
  • Children's Passport Issuance Alert Program

    Children’s Passport Issuance Alert Program

    By admin
    In July 8, 2018
    The safety of our children has become even more important recently than it has ever been. Parents must be on high alert more than ever, especially when it comes to traveling with your kids. Have you ever heard of the Children’s Passport Issuance Alert Program, or the CPIAP? We’d...
  • travel in august

    Best Places to Travel in August

    By admin
    In July 5, 2018
    Finalizing your summer travel plans now doesn’t mean you’re behind the curve. There is still plenty of time to plan a great vacation. The first two weeks of July are the most popular summer travel dates, so it is easy to overlook August as a great time to plan...
  • Lost passport

    Lost Passport – What Should I Do?

    By admin
    In June 28, 2018
    Just what you need, a lost passport. With any luck, you have some time to handle the situation before your next planned trip. Don’t worry, no judgements on our end. The white-hot induced panic of making sure you have everything you need, and in some cases, packing for your...
  • summer waitressing job

    Summer Job Ideas to Build Up Your Resume

    By admin
    In June 25, 2018
    School is out for the summer and while for some that means long days spent relaxing, for others it means it is time to look for a summer job. Whether you want to take this time to add job experience to your resume or to help your college fund,...