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  • most expensive places to die in the US

    Most Expensive Places to Die in the US

    By admin
    In March 19, 2019
    For loved ones, death is a hard process to deal with emotionally, one no one really wants to think about. But if you consider the heartache and hardships of handling the loss of a loved one and couple that with the legalities and financial cost involved, it can seem...
  • AirBnB your home while you travel

    AirBnB Your Home While You Travel

    By admin
    In March 14, 2019
    With so many bills and responsibilities on your plate, budgeting for a vacation can seem a bit difficult at times. Like many of us, you may find yourself stuck in a dilemma of choosing between paying the mortgage/rent or booking the vacation you’ve been so desperately wanting to take...
  • sustainable travel

    Sustainable Travel | Giving Back to the Wanderlust Lifestyle

    By admin
    In March 11, 2019
    Have you come across the term “sustainable travel”? It might seem like it’s just another trendy term in vacation planning, but when it comes down to it, sustainable travel makes sense. From tourists to the locations and industries that cater to them, overtourism concerns are growing. If you’re not...
  • What makes a marriage license invalid

    What Makes a Marriage License Invalid?

    By admin
    In March 6, 2019
    When dreaming of all the components of a perfect wedding day, it’s easy for your mind to drift to thoughts of your stunning white dress, jaw-dropping floral pieces, and your loved ones surrounding you as you tie the knot. There aren’t many of us who are thinking about applying...
  • Do I want to spend St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland

    Do I Want to Spend St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland?

    By admin
    In March 2, 2019
    St. Patrick’s Day is one of those holidays that everyone seems to get on board with celebrating! A special day to wear green and enjoy a few pints with friends and family? Corned beef? Heck yes! Checking out a parade or two, spending the day (or whole weekend for...
  • getting married on a cruise

    Getting Married on a Cruise

    By admin
    In February 25, 2019
    If you’re the adventuring type, you probably never planned on a traditional wedding in the first place, right? After all, your big day is all about you and your spouse, and should really be…well, whatever you want it to be! Some people’s wedding day plans include tradition down to...