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  • death certificate FAQ

    Death Certificate FAQ

    By admin
    In May 20, 2020
    Vital records play a huge role in our lives. Whether we realize it or not, most major life events require certified copies of vital records. Whether we’re welcoming a new family member, getting married to our best friend or saying goodbye to loved ones, important documents called vital records...
  • My dad isn’t on my birth certificate

    My Dad Isn’t On My Birth Certificate. What Now?

    By admin
    In May 15, 2020
    We’ve discussed in a previous blog post what it means when a father is left off of a birth certificate, as well as a few common reasons this may happen. So what if you’ve finally come to a point in your life where you happen to look at your...
  • Rescheduling Events and Weddings Due to Coronavirus

    By admin
    In May 7, 2020
    From birthday parties to family vacations, conventions, amusement parks and even weddings – the current climate around the globe is putting social events like these on hold. While social distancing is at the forefront of our thoughts, it’s not easy to postpone or cancel some of these big life...
  • international educational vacation

    Educational Vacations and Trips for Families

    By admin
    In April 27, 2020
    While travel may currently be significantly curtailed, we are all hopeful that later this year the opportunity to jump on a plane and get back to seeing the world will open up again. Often times, parents utilize educational vacations to expand their family’s insight and world views. Educational trips...
  • what is an expatriate

    What is an Expatriate?

    By admin
    In April 21, 2020
    So what is an expatriate? It, along with the shortened version expat, may be a word you’ve heard before perhaps in conversation or not It may seem to bear a negative connotation, an expatriate meaning someone who is no longer patriotic? Actually, the term expatriate merely refers to any...
  • adding baby to insurance

    Adding Baby to Insurance

    By admin
    In April 12, 2020
    How exciting! You’ve just welcomed your new baby into the world and as you navigate spit up and sleep deprivation, you also get to figure out things like how to get your hands on copies of their birth certificate, social security card, and…you guessed it, how to add them...