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  • long international flights

    What Do I Need For a Long Flight?

    By admin
    In January 17, 2020
    All the transportation planning, packing lists… figuring out where to stay and what to see that goes into putting together an international trip can be exhausting. Especially if your plans are for an extended stay trip. If you’re hopping on a plane for a quick trip a few states...
  • future of travel

    The Future of Travel | Where Are We Headed?

    By admin
    In December 30, 2019
    Did you know that the first scheduled flight to carry a paying customer took place back in 1914? Since then, airlines have transported more than 65 billion passengers. The next 65 billion passengers are expected to travel within the next 15-20 years. Why? Thanks to cheaper and more accessible...
  • international beach destinations

    The Hottest International Beach Destinations | Escaping the Winter

    By admin
    In December 26, 2019
    Chances are good that you’re wrapping up the holidays – maybe you had a white Christmas, maybe it’s just really cold where you are. Either way, coming into the coldest part of the year might have you itching to jet off to toasty international beach destinations. Even better, perhaps your loved...
  • blockchain birth certificates

    Blockchain Birth Certificates | The Future of Vital Records?

    By admin
    In December 18, 2019
    What is blockchain and how will it affect the future of vital records? This Ultimate Blockchain 101 Guide defines blockchain as a chain of blocks containing digital information. Each block relies on the one before it. To help create a better sense of understanding, they use Bitcoins (the first cryptocurrency) as an example....
  • cybersecurity in 2020

    Cybersecurity in 2020 | How to Keep Your Personal Info Safe

    By admin
    In December 13, 2019
    As is the case with most all things technology related, data privacy requires vigilance and staying up to date with risks and advancements in online ordering and data storage. Cybersecurity in 2020 will be an ever-changing landscape, especially as we encounter AI (artificial intelligence) and other technological advances such...
  • service animal etiquette

    How to Behave Around Service Dogs | What Handlers Hope You Know

    By admin
    In December 8, 2019
    If you’re a dog lover, chances are you want to say hello to every dog you encounter. However, that is not the correct course of action when you encounter service animals in public. These days, we are finding that service animals are assisting those with disabilities more than ever before. A...