Hardest and Easiest States to Get Divorced

Are you one of the unfortunate that have had to, or are preparing to deal with divorce? Not all marriages end in happiness, and it’s not always till death do you part! When dealing with divorce, no matter the level of difficulty, many people don’t realize that the laws and regulations behind acquiring a divorce can vastly differ from state to state. To make sure you understand the proper steps and are well informed, be sure to check into your state’s legislature before diving into the unpleasant business of filing for divorce! Some states where it is difficult to get divorced have stricter rules, whereas some are surprisingly lenient.

Arkansas, New York and California are among some of the worst states to get divorced in. New York is currently does not allow for a no fault divorce, so this leads to lengthy, drawn out and difficult legal battles, and filing fees are $335, with a minimum of 360 days processing. Arkansas has a minimum of 540 processing days, with cohabitation restrictions and strict laws making it difficult to get a no fault divorce there. California has one of the highest filing fees, at $395, but you’re only required to wait 360 days minimum for processing. Another one of the hardest states to get divorced in would be South Carolina. Residents of this state are required to be separated a minimum of one whole year before they’re even allowed to file for divorce, along with some strict residency rules.

If you’re looking into easy states to get divorced in, topping the list are Alaska, New Hampshire and Wyoming, with Idaho and South Dakota ringing in too. Wyoming has the U.S.’s highest marriage rates per 1,000 residents (29.7), and also the Nation’s 2nd lowest filing fee at $70. New Hampshire has the lowest divorce rate in the nation, but on the other end of the spectrum you have Alaska, which has the highest divorce rate, but is still one of the easiest state to get a divorce in. Idaho has a moderate filing fee ($120) but fault is easily granted in the court of law. Lastly, South Dakota comes in as an easy state to file for divorce, at $95 to file and with no residency rules and no waiting period to file.

No matter where you live, laws and rules make a big difference. Knowing which are the hardest and which states are the easiest to get divorced in can be deciding factors in how you legally go about the process. One thing you may need to have on hand are marriage records in order to get things started. Regardless of the reason, be well prepared and well read on your state’s legislature regarding divorce, and good luck!


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