10 Tips for Traveling with Kids on Airplanes

Kids on a Plane | 10 tips for Traveling with Kids

Traveling is one of life’s biggest joys, as is spending time with the family and kids. However, combining these two special things together can sometimes cause a bit of stress—even for the best-prepared traveler. After you have booked your airline tickets but before you take flight, keep in mind the following 10 tips for air travel with kids and you may find the journey is not quite as stressful as you first thought! Continue reading

7 Things You Need To Do Before Leaving for Vacation

House | Thing You Need To Do Before LEaving For Vacation

You have bought your tickets, packed your bags and all you can think about is the fun you will have with your family on the beach, in the mountains or at the amusement park. However, you have a few last things you should accomplish before you leave. Don’t hop in the car, on the plane or aboard the boat before you take care of these seven important tasks—then you’ll be ready to relax and have a great trip! Continue reading

Studying Abroad: What Documents You Will Need

Study Abroad

College is a time of unique and exciting experiences. One opportunity that is especially thrilling, as well as highly educational, is studying abroad. If you yourself or a college student in your family is considering a study abroad program, you will have a lot of planning to do. In addition to packing, preparing educational materials and saying goodbye to family and friends, there will be some extensive paperwork to gather. While you should always check with someone from the school for the most up to date information, the following checklist can help you begin preparations. Continue reading

10 Vacation Mishaps to Avoid


Your vacation should be a time of relaxation and making memories with family or friends. Luckily, most of the time vacations are exciting and successful. However, a few things can happen that turn even the best trip sour. Plan ahead and avoid these 10 vacation mishaps and you’ll be more likely to have one of those trips that you’ll always remember—for all the RIGHT reasons. Continue reading

5 Things You Can Do This Summer To Get Your Child Ready For Fall Sports

Fall Sports | How to Prepare For Fall Sports

Believe it or not, the fall sports season is just around the corner. Football and cheerleading are the biggest sports, but fall baseball, softball, soccer, lacrosse and even individual sports like track and indoor swimming are all growing in popularity. While the only thing your child may have to do to get ready for the season is brush up on the basics, get out to the park, and do a few drills, as parents you have many things to take care of to get ready. Why not start now and alleviate your future stress? Check out these five things you can do this summer to get ready for the fall sports season. Continue reading

Everything You Need To Know About Signing Your Child Up For Kindergarten

Kindergarten | Everything You Need To Know About Signing Your Child Up

Today, kindergarten is more than just finger painting and dress up, it offers a very important foundation for future learning. Not only that, but kindergarten is required in most states and jurisdictions. Signing your child up for kindergarten is a big first step, and one that can be a bit overwhelming for many parents. If you are getting ready for registration day, it pays to be prepared. If you have a child entering school this year, here is what you need to know about signing your child up for kindergarten! Continue reading

What Documentation Is Needed In Order To Receive A Driver’s License?

drivers license

Getting a driver’s license for the first time can be a very exciting yet stressful occasion! Not only must the potential driver be prepared to take a long and complex written (or computerized) test about the rules of the road, but also the actual driving test itself can be very daunting. Practice and study can make the process much easier and ensure you (or your driving age child) will pass the first time. However, there is another important thing to consider as well—bringing all necessary documentation to apply for the license. Continue reading

College Checklist: Things Your Child Will Need To Bring To College

College Checklist

Sending your child off to college is one of your proudest moments. However, it can also be one of the most stressful. There is a lot to think about and plan for—after all, there is more to college than just the classes. Because of this, it is important that you and your child think ahead to the big day and plan for everything he or she needs to bring. While each child will have different needs, certain things are consistent. If you are beginning the packing process, this checklist can help you make sure your child does not forget anything! Continue reading

Birth Certificates: Should They Be Kept Confidential?

Birth Certificate | Should You Keep Birth Certificate SecureWith identity theft running rampant, there is much concern about keeping personal information safe and secure. For instance, most people would never allow someone to have access to their social security card or bank account information. However, other documents could pose a problem too. What could someone do if they got ahold of your driver’s license—or what about your birth certificate? These are very important identity documents, especially when used together. Learn more about your birth certificate and the concern of keeping it secure, then you can decide what security precautions you need to take for your birth certificate. Continue reading